Excessive masturbation: One man’s testimony

“I discovered this fantasy at the age of puberty when I was 16 and I am still doing it at the age of 27.

If I had spent my precious time doing something more important I would have been a great successful person now. However, now I am a pathetic loser. I don’t have a life, no girlfriend, no friends, no job, no nothing.

All I have are the symptoms of my stupid little habit, which are:

memory loss and very poor concentration, fatigue all the time, muscle cramp in legs and arms, short body, short and thin penis, lack of sleep, semen leakage, pain in testicles and abdomen, poor eye sight, fuzzy vision and eye floaters, back pain, shoulder pain, thin sperm, falling and thinning hair, weak bones, lack of interest in anything, guilt and shame, regret, depression, low self esteem and poor confidence to name but a few, although the list is too long;

the western scientists and doctors chat bulls shit that its perfectly fine to do it every now and again and it helps you keep healthy and learn the pleasure of sex.

But trust me, I am a living experienced addict and I know what it is like to have the symptoms of over-masturbation and sexual exhaustion.

They support the idea that it is harmless only to promote and encourage the use of pornography, which is a multi-billion business. Every day hundreds and millions of videos are produced for fools like me who spend their money and waste their precious life for a few moments of pleasure.

Trust me all my brothers who are reading this: I am now a living dead. I only eat, sleep and walk and that’s it. I’m not capable of doing nothing. But if you want to [have] success, do not masturbate. Good luck to everybody